Did you know?! - Dry Manicure

At Cape Cod Nail Co., we promote "dry manicures." What is a dry manicure you ask?! Dry manicure simply means we do not soak your nails in water during your manicure. Instead, we use cuticle remover to soften your cuticles making them easier to push back and trim.

Your nails are porous. a sponge. When you soak your nails in water, the nail plate absorbs excess moisture and expands. As your nails dry out, they shrink (just like a sponge!) which can cause micro cracks in your polish, leading to chipping and peeling. 

In addition to chipped nails, excessive moisture can lead to brittle and weak nails over time.

We specialize in making your natural nails beautiful so...we perform dry manicures to prolong the life of your manicure and keep your nails healthy and strong. We always recommend cuticle oil daily to keep your nails hydrated (especially during the cold winter months), drink plenty of water, and eat a well balanced diet with lots of greens and veggies!

Do you have a question about nails or a specific question about our ways at Cape Cod Nail Co.? Shoot us a message, we'd be happy to give insight and may even use it for our next blog post!