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Our Story

Cape Cod Nail Company was founded by Sarah Mason as a mobile nail salon in February 2016.  Sarah has two young boys, has been a passionate nail tech for 13 years, and was unsatisfied with the lack of flexibility traditional brick and mortars salons offered to working moms.  "I love to work. I love doing nails, and wasn't willing to compromise." After a couple years of side hustles doing nails at friends' homes for their weddings, at home nail parties started to sound like the perfect solution. In the first two years Cape Cod Nail Company more than doubled in size and launched a Cape Cod inspired line of  9 free, cruelty free, vegan friendly, hand bottled, USA made nail polish.
 "Nail polish has always been an expression of creativity, mood, and statement for me.  You'll never see me wear the same color twice!" As an advocate for natural nail care, Sarah became frustrated as clients started turning towards products that caused significant damage to their nails because traditional nail lacquer did not meet their needs or expectations.  "The polish line initially came about because well...we really just wanted to name our own colors. But as I started doing research I realized that I could provide a much higher quality, cleaner product to my clients that actually became so much more!"
The newest venture Sarah is working on is a pop up shop in the Mashpee Commons.  The opportunity came out of a partnership between EforAll Cape Cod and The Mashpee Commons. The pop up is a showcase/retail space for our polish, a space to share and promote other EforAll businesses, an event space for clients to host parties, and a pop up space for services to give clients a taste of a mobile party experience.  Cape Cod Nail Co. Pop Up & Lounge will be open until February 1.
   You can expect more great thing to come for the future of Cape Cod Nail Co.: "My favorite part about owning a business is the creative freedom...I get these ideas in my head and I can just run with them.  Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't but it's having the freedom to explore that really fuels my passion. I'm so excited to be on this journey, thanks so much for coming along!" - Sarah M.